Monday, November 28, 2011

Forbidden Voices Staged Reading

On October 15th Christina and I presented a staged reading of an excerpt of our performance piece, Forbidden Voices.  It was for the “Breaking Down Doors” event – a benefit for Jasmine Asian Women’s Giving Circle.  The performance also included Genki Spark a fantastic Asian women’s taiko drumming troupe.  

From our perspective the performance went well.  The audience was receptive and kind and we were “on.”  After the performance there was an open discussion about the play and the issues addressed.  It was a wonderful opportunity for us to focus on the performance piece and begin to get the word out about the work we are doing.  

We invite anyone who was present to comment on our performance and their experience.


  1. Hi! I was at the reading and I really enjoyed it. The writing and acting kept me engaged and the movement was also good. I'd like to see the piece performed in a smaller venue so that it doesn't seem so "lost" in the large space. I haven't read this whole blog so just wanted to comment that after the show I wondered why depression was so common among Asian-American women specifically. What about Asian-American men? And how does the experience of an Asian-American woman differ from others' experience? You also might want to play with the title to make it sound less "forbidden" and to reflect the humor that is very cleverly woven into the piece. I am glad I was invited to see "Forbidden Voices!"

  2. I am glad I attended the staged reading. I thought it was very powerful. Even though many different stories are told during the performance they all flow together through the theme of depression. The presentation was thought provoking and entertaining even though the material is dark. Pata and Christina did a great job. I liked Pata's singing!

  3. I wish I saw this! I just found this/your blog when I google searched for bloggers who are Asian American in some kind of focus. Your purpose is part of my interests as I'm beginning to blog ( I hope you keep blogging! I just subscribed to you! Let's keep in touch.

    And If you can bring this performance to Columbus, Ohio some how, that would be really awesome!!!

    =) SJ Ellice